Glee – An Inspiration

It is never too late

Alright, I am not exactly Glee age or a Gleek but I do enjoy the series tremendously.  Perhaps some will frown at my choice but life is short and I shouldn’t care about what others think.  Besides, we are all naturally young at heart and if we  were not required to deteriorate biologically, we will be partying till the world ends.  Recently I have been reading books written in the perspective of a dying person.  Even in their darkest moments, they still wish they could do the things they did when they were young.  Unfortunately human lives are limited, we will all grow old inadvertently, there is no escape.  At the most, we are blessed with 3 decades of strong bones after adolescent and everything starts to descend after that.  Our organs, stamina, metabolism, memory except our need to remain young.

Glee does not only inspire the misfits but also channel the message, ‘It is never too late.’  At least that was the effect it had on me.  After every single episode, I feel inspired to pursue for the things that I have always wanted.  Things that I have long buried away due to the natural course of life.

When we were young, we had incredible imaginations, the world is a beautiful place, relationships are irresistibly romantic.  As we grew older, we became more cynical and practical, for life neccesitate survival over indulgence.  I am deeply saddened by this fact of life when I, too, had fallen into this dark hole of practicality.  No doubt, survival is vital but that does not mean we should forego everything else that used to make our lives exciting and worth living for.  Things that gave life to us.

No matter how old we are, I believed it is never too late.  Hell, if I could only bungy jump at the age of 80 so be it.  I mean after 80 years of life, I would like to pass feeling accomplished and if bungy killed me, at least I will have a smile on my face.

Go out, smell your childhood, pick up a hobby you have always wanted to but keep procrastinating due to time limitation.  No more excuses, make time, treat yourself a little better, be a responsible adult with a life worth living!



I have been told by a dear friend that my last post, “C’Mon!  Pop Already!” was rather disturbing as I had popped and joined the ‘zombie’ club.  Never in my life again that I would take sleep for granted.

Okay… where to begin… baby came out a healthy 3.35kg little boy.  Since then, life has not been quite the same.  I was prepared to face all the changes… well… as prepared as a first timer parent could be.  Sleep deprivation, lost of social life, personal interest sacrifices are all expected.  The little bundle of joy came together with a list of small prints.  Is it worth it?  At the moment… yes… can’t imagine 20 years down the line when the little bundle of joy choose to forsake the mother for another woman, which of course, is the order of life.

As a new parent, I can see clearly now how children are able to cause the devastation of parents by rebelling against them.  I mean, think about it, from a 3kg little thing, our parents with the patience of a saint, devoted day and night in nappy changing, cleaning, feeding, cooing and praying that the little one will grow up to be strong and healthy.  Hoping that nothing bad will ever befall them.  It is with the becoming of a mother, I realised that whatever we do as someone’s child, we can never repay the debt that we owe our parents. The least that we could do is to be there when they needed us.

Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open hence the update on my blog.  I am hoping that I am able to stimulate my brain with creativity… however… I think my effort is not producing the result that I seek.

I may read this in 2 days time and think… ‘What the @@@@?!’

Till then, if this particular blog seems incoherent, it is because it is! 😉

C’mon! Just Pop Aready!

Since I have been advised to stay at home to wait out my pregnancy, I finally have the chance to check my blog.  My gosh!  My last update was 2 months ago!  Yet again, this proved how time flies with anticipation.

I am due in 2 days and suffer from mild pregnancy hypertension.  Am I excited?  To be honest,  I think I am more impatient than excited at this point.  The weight of my baby bump is taking a toll out of me.  I kept waking up every hour or 2 throughout the night.  It seems like a decent straight 4 hours slumber is no longer possible.  I am anxious about how my BP affects the health of my baby.  I am easily irritated and I just want to get it over and done with!  Basically, just pop already! 😀

Actually, I have been rather lucky throughout my entire pregnancy.  No morning sickness, cravings or any unreasonable mood swings or depression.  I was jolly all the way till now… I have to concur that the last 2 weeks of a pregnancy is the hardest.  It’s like, so near yet so far!  You are like a walking time bomb just waiting to pop.

In terms of weight, I have not been as lucky as some.  My total weight gain up till now is 23 kg.  The only consolation that I’ve got is that 95% of my weight gain is due to water retention.  I know cause honestly, if I could be seen physically, I am one swollen walking Michelin twins.

So, I believed in 2 days time, my doctor will induce the birth of my first born cause it is time.  He is a very mature fetus by now as he is 40 weeks old.  I am just crossing my fingers that I will be able to deal with whatever pain that is gonna hit me.  If all fail, just give me the bloody Pethidine!!! 😉


To claim myself as a blogger is to insult all other bloggers.  Seriously, I have been so inactive in the recent months that I think I no longer deserve a personal blog!  I suppose I shouldn’t blame it on my pregnancy should I?  Although it does sound like an extremely valid reason… hmm…

In fact, I should be blogging about my first pregnancy and all that I am going through now.  Things like physical, emotional and hormonal changes.  Unfortunately, being pregnant tends to induce complacency.  Sad but true.  Maybe it doesn’t affect all mothers to be but it certainly does to me!  Whatever energy I’ve got left in me was being expressed in my work.  I can officially claimed that work has sucked up all my energy!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog.  Being pregnant made me reminisce a little more than usual.  I have not felt beautiful or sexy for a while now.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my baby bump cause it is adorable despite its weight.  But I am physically constrained from doing anything exciting or fun.  Therefore, one evening, I went through all my good ole’ days photos.  I came across quite a few photos of myself and all the hot men!  Most of these men were just friends.  I felt the sudden urge of sharing them with friends that are going through similar emotional threat as me.  Just a reminder that we did have a great life and we still can as long as we persevere.

So my dilemma is to post or not to post…

Jetstar New Zealand Review


Okay, I haven’t been updating my blog much or AT ALL…because I have been busy getting used to being pregnant.  My husband and I just came back from a Babymoon (a new term for modern parents) in New Zealand.  We had a brilliant time exploring Middle Earth and basking ourselves in the beauty of this virgin land.  Amazing and we love it!!

Anyway, before the trip, I planned our entire travelling itinerary.  We drove through North and part of South island.  Due to our limited time, we had to fly to certain places.  I was ecstatic to discover that Jetstar fly domestically in NZ!!  Nothing more welcoming than the discovery of a low-cost airline during this financial crisis.  Anything to reduce our cost of travelling.  Besides, Jetstar is rather reputable in Australia, that was my thought before arriving in NZ.  Little did I know that they just started operating in NZ 2 weeks before we arrived!  Naturally, as for any new operation, there are always teething problems.

As soon as we arrived in NZ, the first thing that I saw in the local news was how unreliable Jetstar is.  Rescheduling all the time, refusing late check-ins and their planes are not equipped with an anti-fog system!!!  That was why flights to and  from Queenstown were regularly cancelled.  Imagine how worried I was as we had 2 flights with Jetstar, Wellington to Christchurch and Queenstown to Auckland.

In order to avoid any surprises, we called Jetstar a few hours before our scheduled departure to reconfirm and went to the airport at least 1 1/2 hours before to check-in.  Despite many swore never to travel with Jetstar again (that was how bad it is), we had quite a pleasant experience with Jetstar.  Both our flights were rescheduled once and that was it.  They did inform us in advance, once through email and another through text message.  They even called me in Malaysia to inform me!!  A day before our scheduled flight, they would text us to remind us that the check-in will close 30 minutes before departure and advice us to check-in on time.  In a way, it is fair for them to reject those who arrived late.  Punctuality is an important trait but unfortunately not many posses this trait.

Therefore all-in-all, we had a wonderful experience with Jetstar and they do provide the lowest fare.  I believed the initial boo-boo that they made with some of  the passengers were due to teething problems.  Give them a few months to accustom themselves with the NZ system.  I am sure they will only improve with time 🙂

Twilight DVD (Malaysia) Redeemed?

I have not seen it myself but according to a fellow Twilighter, Malaysia recently released a Twilight 3 disc Deluxe dvd.  It is said to have superb picture and sound quality and beautiful albums.  Since it came in 3 discs, I am sure there will be more than just the movie.

I will try to obtain it and write a review asap.

Power Cut

So… our power supply station decided to upgrade their equipments, they announced in the newspapers that from this month till June, everyday, between 9am to 3pm, there will be a brief power cut.  BRIEF.  By definition of ‘brief’ is ‘of short duration’ or ‘taking a short time.’  5 minutes is brief, 10 minutes is brief even up to 30 minutes I would consider it as brief in my country but 2-5 hours??!!!  That is way beyond brief!!

2-5 hours power cut in a commercial area during business hours?  Now.. that is unacceptable!  Could they even possibly imagine how much money will be lost during that 2-5 hours power cut???  A LOT!  Are they going to compensate for all the private business losses?  Obviously not.  I just don’t understand why can’t they service the housing areas during the day when everyone is out at work and the industrial or commercial areas during the night when everyone is back at home?  *sigh*