Just Another Day

boredomToday is no better than yesterday.  Time tends to drag when I am at work.  Not like I don’t have any work.  In fact, my desk will soon be replaced by a little hill of documents, letters, magazines and messages.  Things that no longer appeal to me regardless of its urgency.  I would blindly sift through them without even pausing to examine anything.  I would repeat this action everyday without getting anything done.  Of course I feel painfully guilty.  The only work that seems to get done is my automated routine assignment.  Only because I am so attuned to it that the utilisation of my mental strength is not necessary at all.

I look forward to the end of the day more eagerly than ever.  To be able to return to my comfort zone and spend the rest of my time immersing in books.  Reading is by far my ultimate past time at the moment.  Apart from reading, I don’t seem to be doing anything else.  I forced myself to go out, hang out with friends, turn up to work everyday, only because I know these are the healthy options.  Staying cooped up at home and turning into a hermit is not exactly the best solution.

So here I am again, sitting on my desk, feeling unbelieveably rotten and just waiting for time to perform its duty.  5 1/2 more hours to go, surely I would survive that…


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