Fairy Glen, Snowdonia

It has been a while since I aspire to be a writer.  I mean, I do enjoy blogging tremendously but it is not the same.  In a way, it is less challenging.  In general, reality is not exactly a technicolour world.  One’s life is only as colourful as one wants to perceive.  Every single time when you retold your stories to the young ones, I am sure a little creativity will be included just to make the story a little bit more exciting.  And who are we to judge right?  What does it matter when you see the little ones ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ throughout the stories.

So… it is kind a strange when I suddenly had a vision of what I wanted to write.  The story just miraculously came to me.  I had kind a given up on pursuing this particular interest since I was suffering from creativity block.   Nothing seems to be original or exciting enough.  Of course, this will involve a great amount of research and time.  Afterall, writing a novel is not exactly a one-day project.  I don’t know when I will complete it but I am adamant to build on it while I still feel inspired.

I had a clear vision of the location for my story.  Fairy Glen will be featured in my story.  Such an enchanting little corner of the world complete with its own myth and legend.  I was further inspired when I saw the picture above.  I truly wish I could take a month off just to visit all the locations where my story will be based.   Free of distractions.  Just the sweet silence and my thoughts.


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