Since my blog on Emotional Damnation, I had picked up several projects in the hope of ending the repetitive routine of my daily life.  Some people found comfort in familiarity but I found distinct horror in familiarity.  I knew this is probably the cause of my previous failed relationships but I was able to live in denial.  However, the predicament that I led myself into is rather permanent at this point of my life and I can no longer live in denial.  What to do next?  I cannot risk hurting people that truly care for and love me.  What can I do but to get over this hurdle alone.

On a lighter note, I am enjoying the projects that I had picked up.  I had developed a love for my cello.  The more I practiced on it, the more adamant I am to achieve something with it.  It is definitely my correct choice of a second instrument.

My second little project is to write a book, which I had been wanting to for quite a while now but just did not gather enough guts to do it.  I just thought, what the heck, it may not get published or even finished!  But an idea came to me and I am having great fun jotting it down.  Like a friend told me, why worry about getting it published, just enjoy the process.  So, this is exactly what I am gonna do.

I am lucky enough to have friends that would read my creation and gave their honest opinions.  Right now, their numerous opinions are swimming in my little head and I may need a little time to digest them all.


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