Yes! Back Online!

After a torturous 3 weeks of agony working in a non-internet environment, my life is suddenly revived by today’s reconnection.  I have to admit, this is partly my own fault.  I did not contact Streamyx immediately solely because I do not trust them.  I called my computer savvy brother and had him went through every possible software and hardware errors before he gave me the verdict that it was time to call Streamyx.

Reluctantly, I dialed their customer service number.  Surprisingly, the hold wasn’t unbearably long.  A technician came on and went through the entire internet protocol with me.  After all that, I still couldn’t load any pages.  This particular technician told me that there’s nothing wrong with their connection and it could be my computer.  I didn’t dare to argue as my laptop is kind a ancient.  So, again, I had my brother reinstalled the laptop, changed the modem and ran all kinds of tests.  Yet again, I couldn’t connect.  It is time for a Streamyx’s technician to come in physically.  For the second time, I picked up the phone and dialed Streamyx’s customers’ service.  I was again pleasantly surprised by their prompt receival.

This time however, I told the lady who asnwered my call everything that I had done and it was absolutely necessary for them to dispatch a technician to my office immediately.  She was very cooperative and told me that it would take 2 working days for them to dispatch one.  Of course I was slightly annoyed with the given time frame but then again, all efficiency standards are to be lowered when it comes to dealing with the Malaysian government.  This is the only way to remain sane and to avoid balding.

So you could imagine how shocking it was for me to receive a phone call from Telekom at about 2pm (same day) and the internet connection back to normal at approximately half an hour later! I should have called them much earlier and could have avoided the entire primitive office experience.  I suppose I refused to even humour them with the benefit of doubt.  Then again, this could have been my lucky day and it just so happensed that I was served by the most efficient of them lot.

In any case, I am grateful that everything is back to normal and I am able to blog again during office hour 😉  Of course I DO work!  Hee…


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