What’s the Point?

This blog is inspired by a very dear friend of mine whom I met up with on Friday night for a chat.  She asked me a very spiritual question,’ So…what’s the point of being alive, enduring all that we did and at the end of the day, our spirit or soul will leave our mortal body and that’s it?  Is it even worth it?’  Maybe this is not exactly how she phrased it but the rough gist of it.  I was kind a fascinated with this question and some of the answers she procured from others.

One venerable member of a society told her that maybe, there isn’t a point to being alive.  Maybe we thought there is but really, there isn’t.  Kind a ambiguous and super spiritually arcane don’t you think?  Well, I have to admit that I am not a very spiritual person.  Yes, I do have my faith and I believed in the existence of an Almighty but just not involved.  So I gave her my intepretation of being alive in a more logical manner.

To me, every single new life began as a blank sheet of canvas.  Empty and meaningless.  Eventually someone will come along with a brush and create something with it.  Then the canvas is no longer insignificant.  It is now by itself an art with a story to tell.  I believed that merely to be alive in the form of a human is a gift.  We don’t go searching for the point of being alive instead, we create our own point of being alive.  The soul that inhabits this mortal shell is the artist of life.  How substantial this ‘point’ is, depend entirely on individual’s perception.

Yes, being alive is not always easy.  Life requires unfaltering perserverance and endurance just like the acqusition of any valuable prizes, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain.  To make being alive worthwhile or to reach the ‘point’, our experiences, be it good or bad, are vital.  Experiences together with our unique individual soul provide us with wisdom and mold the  person we are or we will be.

So, instead of questioning what’s the point of being alive, we should create the point of our own life and enjoy the journey that life bestowed upon us.  It is as simple as this, nothing will ever happen if we don’t make it happen.


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  1. Posted by Jeri on February 10, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Its funny how we don’t realise everything we do affects someone else, everyone has their purpose eventho we don’t see it. E.g.- a friendly phonecall from across the ocean may have given a friend her sanity for that day, – a supportive friend going through a funeral with a close friend, – becoming someone’s loved one in a marriage making that person feel wanted and specia, – becoming a parent and making their child become a good personl…

    All these small things may seem nothing to that person but the person has truly been godsent & their “point” for being on earth is to make life more bearable 🙂 as far as I’m concerned every person I have met in my life has done something for me good or bad, they served their purpose in providing me with life experiences making me the person I am today…


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