Catching a Play

Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain

Okay, I have to admit that I am a little celebrity sucker.  The last time I went to watch a Play in London was because Orlando Bloom was in it.  To be honest, I am more of a Musical theater person than a Play.  At least in a Musical, audiences are kept entertained throughout the entire show with beautiful songs and singing.  Whereas with a Play, it is bare acting.  The actors will have to be extremely good to keep the audiences captivated.  This is not an easy task as they have to rely completely on the script with limited scenes to spice it up. Perhaps that is why the directors prefer to cast well known actors in order to increase ticket sales.  And I am one of those idiots 😉

Orlando Bloom in In Celebration played a young depressive writer wanna be whose day job was teaching.  I suppose he was quite in his element as I was completely depressed just by watching him!  It was a Play based in Industrial England where the miners were gradually losing their job to modern energy source.  The new generation aka the miner’s children, went to university and graduated as professionals.  Obviously, this only intensified the generation gap between the miner and his children.  The entire Play was about family feud and the dissatisfaction of their individual life.  It was depressive with a hint of comedy instilled with sarcasms.  A Play is never exciting.  However, a good Play consists witty dialogues.  To some, In Celebration may be boring but I actually enjoyed the depressive witty conversation that they had.  At times, I even giggled at the most unappropriate scene but you need to be horribly dry to get the humour.

So, I landed myself in another Play, Three Days of Rain, because of James McAvoy,  British Most Accomplished Actor in 2008.  With movies such as Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, Becoming Jane and Wanted under his belt, I am keeping my fingers cross that in this relatively monotonous play, he will be able to ‘wow’ us with his acting skills .  I really can’t wait to watch McAvoy performing life on stage!


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