Busy Bee

I have been extremely busy this week as I have to work 2 shifts.  Also, I have been updating my Pages and neglecting my Post.   Unfortunately, apart from work, I am yet to be inspired to blog about something.  Judging from my schedule this week, don’t think I will have the luxury of sitting around daydreaming about the things that I would like to blog about.

Furthermore, I am very much involved in the planning of my upcoming long vacation back to the UK.  Yay!!!  Genuinely excited about the trip and looking forward to spending some time in North Wales alone to gather inspiration for my novel.   Ever since the idea came to me, I didn’t really have the time to structure the entire novel.  With this trip, I will have the opportunity to really concentrate on the development of my novel.  Build on the characters and to concoct a believable historical spine for my little fiction world.

Of course apart from that, I can’t wait to see all my friends again.  Just to hang out like the old days.  That would be fabulous!!  I will be traveling to various destinations starting with London then Cardiff, Snowdonia, Switzerland, possibly Amsterdam and finally back to London.  Even with the length of one month, somehow I get the feeling that time will just fly when I’m back in the UK.  Suddenly one month felt a little inadequate….

Anyway, this is my update thus far and don’t think there will be another update on my Post till next week.  Enjoy your weekend!!!


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