It seems like most current events in my life involved anticipation.  One of my best friends is patiently waiting for the top 11 short list result.  My other best friend is waiting for documentation.  And I am… just waiting…

Last week went by in a rather incoherent fashion and I couldn’t even remember things that I did.  All I could remember is I wanted last week to end as soon as it started.  This week started a day later because yesterday was a public holiday.  So hopefully this week will be over before everything started to drag for me.

Anticipation has never been pleasant but rather unsettling.  The fear of not knowing, the fear of what if, the fear of the long dreaded result.  Of course, when you are waiting for something, there are  but only two outcomes:

a.  Positive = Happy OR;

b.  Negative = Sad

Whether it is a positive or negative result, it is still an answer.  Life moves on after you knew the answer.  Some move on according to their desire, some just move on because there is no point to dwell.  Now you see, the agonising part is not the deliverance of the result, but the duration of time that you anticipated.  These are the time that you are kind a lost and your plans are all temporarily halted.  Total frustration.

Nevertheless, time moves in a perpetual speed, not any faster nor slower.  It is all in our thoughts that time dragged in the hours of anticipation…


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