You Thought You Knew

Some of you may believe in Fate, some of you may not.  For me, I have always kept an open mind.  There were things that happened in my life that I could not explain.  I had been in circumstances where I could try my very best to avoid or achieve but yet I was defeated not because of my lack of determination but it just happened.  You thought you knew and life can be controlled and everything is about the choices you make.  I am a firm believer of choices, yet sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, who make the choices for us when we are not given one?

As illustrated in My Story, Internal Battle – Force of Nature, I was literally sent home.  Didn’t I try hard enough?  I believed I did.  Who can explain out of everyone’s belongings and easier access, why mine was chosen?  The non-believers can argue that this is bad luck.  Sure, it could be but what provoked the bad luck?  Why some suffer more bad luck than the others?  Who can answer all these questions anyway.  When questions cannot be scientifically answered, what do you call them?  Destiny?  Fate?  Or just pure luck?

No doubt the choices we make affect the majority of the outcome of our life.  For example, a girl met a guy who worship her and is ready to marry her, she decided to reject him because say…. maybe he is not hot enough?  10 years down the line, the girl is still single and withering into her old age, started complaining how unfair life is when all her friends are happily married but her.  Well, she could be married 10 years ago but she CHOSE not to.  Fair enough if she was not ready then but she has to deal with the consequences of her own decision instead of blaming on how life had made her a victim as if she has been completely innocent and ignorant.  When in actual fact, she was probably just too arrogant.

Every single decision that we make is the planting of a seed.  In time the seed will grow and we will witness the consequences, be it good or bad.  Today I rejected a job because the pay is not lucrative enough, tomorrow the company becomes filthy rich with excellent plans for their employees.  I started to wonder, what if… NO POINT.  Why?  Because the decision was made despite the tell tale signs of the possible development of the company.  Again, arrogance may have gotten in the way and regret is completely pointless.

Now, what about incidences such as, Sara takes the underground to work everyday and today, she decided to walk the short distance out of no reason.  The underground crashed and killed 5o people.  Sara could be one of them but she escaped.  Why?  Because she is lucky?  If so, why out of all these people, she is given the luck?  Could it be because she is predetermined NOT to die just yet?  And the predetermined order of life is known as…. FATE.

Now, whether you believe in Fate or not, you have to admit that there are some things in life that just cannot be explained.  Just when you thought you knew and everything is in within your control, do not be surprised when nothing goes according to your plan.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeri on March 22, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    I know exactly how you feel….

    When I was 15 I said I’d never dye my hair..

    When I was 17 I said I’d never smoke…

    5 years ago I thought I’d never want to be a lawyer…

    6 years ago I thought I’d never leave Brighton, 2.5 years ago I thought I’d never leave KK…

    Look where the hell I am now !?!

    But hey Fate has treated me well , I shouldn’t complain 🙂


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