Recession Finally Hit?

The Malaysian government finally admitted that we are somewhat affected by the world recession.  Many other countries had openly informed their citizens months before that the recession had undoubtedly clouded their economies and would remain for quite a while.  It is idiotic for our country to mask the effects of the world recession when everyday Bloomberg, CNN and BBC reported how the MNEs began to merge, retrench and shut down.  Who are we as a nation to strive when many other much stronger nations are failing?  We should face the truth like all others instead of hiding behind the fabrication of our selfish government.  No doubt, most of us knew the fabrication generally benefit whom.

Even in a small city like KK, we could feel the recession.  I had spoken to a few food vendors and their answers were rather shocking.  I mean, you would think hawker food or cheap food will not be affected as they are cheap and people still need to eat.  Well apparently, this assumption has been proven to be incorrect with certain food.

Case #1:

Banana fritters.  To me, the little corner shop in Lido serve the best banana fritters in town.  Their banana fritters cost 80 cent per piece of 6.  I have to admit that we are paying premium price for banana fritters in this case but they are heavenly tasty.  Anyway, the owner was telling us that his sales has been affected.  We asked him, how could it be, it’s only 80 cent.  He then told us that many people opted for proper meal now and reduced their side meals.  Since banana fritters are not exactly main and most people ate it for fun, they suffered from a reduction of daily sales.

Case #2:

Fried kuay teow.  Almost every Sunday we go to this uncle in Asia City who does one of the best Penang Fried Kuay Teow in town.  Again he repeated  a similar story to us as the banana fritter vendor.  Business slowed down due to people preferred to cook at home or only go for proper meal.  Honestly, fried kuay teow has very often been my main course 🙂  It is proper! 😉

It is true to a certain extent.  We went to a seafood coffee shop restaurant over the weekend for a proper dinner and that place was insanely crowded!  Not only they are crowded during the weekends, week days too.   Honestly, this place is completely recession proof! Maybe people are focusing more on main meals nowadays.  Rather spent more on a meal that can be satisfying and last for a longer period.

It is strange how the recession affects some and benefits some.  I supposed we just need to be on the right side at all times in order not to be the victims of any economy crisis.

In conclusion, there is no escape from this recession, we ARE in recession and it will only get worse from this point.  There are no quick fixes.  We as individual can only try our best to stay at the right side of the stream and hope to float towards a better course.


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  1. Posted by Jeri on March 31, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    wow … CSI kopitiam season 1, episode 1 😉


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