Pipe Dream

Remember how your parents discourage your aspiration to be an actress, a singer, an artist, a musician, a writer, condemning these choices as your pipe dream, unrealistic hope?  Impractical career choices.  I certainly did.  Unfortunately with age, I begin to see their point of view.  Their concern for their children’s future if not delivered appropriately would be viewed as unsupportive, hence creating a life long misunderstanding between parents and children.

Most parents hope their children will lead a comfortable if not luxury life.  Food and shelter not being a problem at all.  In order to do that, parents tend to encourage their children to opt for much more practical careers.  Of course in every industry, there are success stories including being an actor, artist, musician and writer.  However, it is easier to attain comfort through a practical job than in the creative world.  We all knew how actors and musicians suffered before their success, how painters struggled before their work are being acknowleged and how many rejections before a publication.  A much more stable income could easily be obtained through being a doctor, an accountant, an engineer and many other professional careers.

At the end of the day, parents did what they did in order to protect their children.  Frustrating?  Of course it is.  Are they doing something wrong?  I don’t think so.

My point is, even when we are a professional, it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our pipe dream.  We could still compose music, draw, write and even act!  Why not?  Now that we have a stable income, we no longer need to worry about not having enough money to pay the rent or buy the necessary equipments.  In fact, we could  peacefully pursue our pipe dreams.   Who knows, one day your pipe dream will be your main source of income.  If not, you still have your professional title.  Nothing to lose.

I, for one, am still pursuing my pipe dream.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as I stay true to myself and not forsake my interests.  My interests are the foundation that built the person I am, forsaking them are like giving up part of who I am.  Nope, I will not do that.  I will not change who I am because of circumstances.  I still believe that one day, my unrealistic hope may become realistic…


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