Writing Course

I recently enrolled myself into a writing course.  I have always wanted to pick up journalism but just couldn’t find an appropriate time to begin.  Then one day, I suddenly realised that there will never be an appropriate time, I gotta create my own appropriate time.  This is when I finally decided to enroll myself with the Writers Bureau.

I had discovered the Writers Bureau more than a year ago and had been debating with the idea of enrolling since then.  Writing has always been part of my life, my mean of relaxation, expression and a very effective mean of dissipating my frustration.  As much as I enjoyed blogging, I believed I required professional guidance to produce a publishable work.  Therefore, I  started searching for a correspondence journalism course.  When I finally found it, procrastination set in.  Tons of senseless excuses amounting to the failure to enroll myself.

Just a month ago, I sat myself down and submitted my enrollment as well as payment.  Now, it is too late to back out.  Why should I anyway?  This is something that I have always wanted to do.  I had procrastinated for much too long and it is time for me to gather myself in order to pursue this long awaited dream.

When the modules finally arrived, I was extremely thrilled!  It felt like my first day in school again.  I have assignments!  I knew instantly that this  is going to be such an enjoyable experience.  For once, I am actually studying a subject that I completely and utterly adore.

The first lesson that I learned, to be a writer, one must write everyday regardless of the creativity or the quality.  At least this will keep the brain active.  So from now on, I will try to blog every single day be it a one paragraph blog or a ten paragraphs blog.  I need to keep the words flowing.   Practice makes perfect 😉


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