Income Tax

I had finally submitted my income tax declaration for 2008 today. Thought might as well since next week will be the last week of submission. No point being penalised right? 😉

The system is definitely flawed but it would be great if they could send a reminder through email to those who had opted for e-filing. I mean, it is easy for those who are not technology savvy as they will receive their BE forms through snail mail. That, in a way acted as a reminder for them to submit their tax declaration.

But what about people like me? Who actually chose e-filing since it is a gazillion times more convenient, easier and zero time being consumed (you know, the usual rush, traffic and queuing at the LHDN department). We don’t get any reminder, AT ALL!! I suppose they did publish in the newspapers but do all tax payers read their newspapers religiously everyday? I think not. Well, I know I don’t. Yes, maybe I should but I would rather not. News depressed me.

I just think since most tax payers who chose e-filing will most definitely own an e-mail address, why can’t they just set an annual mass email reminders to all e-filing tax payers? At least this way, we will definitely know and could avoid penalties. If only… *sigh*


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  1. Posted by Howard on April 24, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    I got e-mail notice telling me the BE form won’t be sent out to me. Three times.
    Did you register your e-mail correctly?


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