Power Cut

So… our power supply station decided to upgrade their equipments, they announced in the newspapers that from this month till June, everyday, between 9am to 3pm, there will be a brief power cut.  BRIEF.  By definition of ‘brief’ is ‘of short duration’ or ‘taking a short time.’  5 minutes is brief, 10 minutes is brief even up to 30 minutes I would consider it as brief in my country but 2-5 hours??!!!  That is way beyond brief!!

2-5 hours power cut in a commercial area during business hours?  Now.. that is unacceptable!  Could they even possibly imagine how much money will be lost during that 2-5 hours power cut???  A LOT!  Are they going to compensate for all the private business losses?  Obviously not.  I just don’t understand why can’t they service the housing areas during the day when everyone is out at work and the industrial or commercial areas during the night when everyone is back at home?  *sigh*


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