I have been told by a dear friend that my last post, “C’Mon!  Pop Already!” was rather disturbing as I had popped and joined the ‘zombie’ club.  Never in my life again that I would take sleep for granted.

Okay… where to begin… baby came out a healthy 3.35kg little boy.  Since then, life has not been quite the same.  I was prepared to face all the changes… well… as prepared as a first timer parent could be.  Sleep deprivation, lost of social life, personal interest sacrifices are all expected.  The little bundle of joy came together with a list of small prints.  Is it worth it?  At the moment… yes… can’t imagine 20 years down the line when the little bundle of joy choose to forsake the mother for another woman, which of course, is the order of life.

As a new parent, I can see clearly now how children are able to cause the devastation of parents by rebelling against them.  I mean, think about it, from a 3kg little thing, our parents with the patience of a saint, devoted day and night in nappy changing, cleaning, feeding, cooing and praying that the little one will grow up to be strong and healthy.  Hoping that nothing bad will ever befall them.  It is with the becoming of a mother, I realised that whatever we do as someone’s child, we can never repay the debt that we owe our parents. The least that we could do is to be there when they needed us.

Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open hence the update on my blog.  I am hoping that I am able to stimulate my brain with creativity… however… I think my effort is not producing the result that I seek.

I may read this in 2 days time and think… ‘What the @@@@?!’

Till then, if this particular blog seems incoherent, it is because it is! 😉


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeri on March 18, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Welcome back to the world of blogging 😉


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