Brief Introduction

If you asked me a week ago, do I think human life lasted longer than it should, I would fervently claim that it does not. There are people who are willing to live a short and happy life but I have always been different in regards of the extent of human life. I have always felt that the years go by too quickly and I have yet more to learn.   Surely our given time of less than a century will not be sufficient for all that we could learn from this world.  Rooted deep in my existence, I have always known that there is a task of importance patiently waiting for me to realise.  I just don’t know what or when or how.    My first 3 decades flew by without any incidences of importance.  I progressed according to any normal human beings would but yet every year, I could feel as if the earth is shattering beneath the very ground I stood upon.  My patience began to thin and I needed to find out what was happening to me.  Time became my nemesis.

Of course then, I didn’t know what I know now and I have been given a choice. A choice between living an eternal life or living as mere humans with limited years. When I said I have been given a choice, it is not with immediate effect, only in due time. Nonetheless, there will still be a choice. Right now, eternal life is my only saviour.


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