The Prophecy (A Synopsis)

It was prophesised that when the descendants of the Inglorion produced a daughter, the spell casted by King Orodreth Inglorion (the Elven King of mountains and caves) to imprison the Mori-Feans (the dark elves) underground will be revoked.  The Inglorions have adopted Limmerick as their last name in order to live among the humans discretely.

The day has arrived when Inaya Limmerick was born.  Her parents were shocked initially as the Limmerick has never ever produced a daughter in their entire family history, dated down to Orodreth Limmerick.  Of course by now, most of the Limmericks have forgotten about the prophecy.  Fergus and Fidella Limmerick fell in love with their only child as soon as they laid eyes on her just like everybody else in the family.  She possessed a disposition where no others before ever did.  Whether it’s her shiny dark brown hair or her immediate vibrant smile at birth, no one could explain at that time but only to love her.

Little do they know, Inaya’s birth also marked the day of the Awakening.  The Lord of the Mori-Feans, Kshmanar, long buried under the Sahara Desert along with his followers regained sudden consciousness.   However, he could not regain absolute power and walk on earth immediately as he was bound by magic that was  casted by the 12 most powerful elve mages ever lived milleniums ago.   On the other hand, the lesser Mori-Feans who were bound by lesser magic began writhing for their freedom from down under.  Kshmanar seized this opportunity and commanded the freed Mori-Feans to seek revenge on the Inglorions aka  the Limmericks.  Inaya first realised her life was in danger when she first encountered a Mori-Fean on her balcony.  Her life was spared when the Protector stepped in just seconds before the Mori-Fean took her life.

Inaya Limmerick will soon learn that she is the one that set the Mori-Feans free and she is also the only one that can save the Tiri-Feans (light elves) from abomination.  The Mori-Feans (dark elves) never did like the humans, used to enslave them and treat them no better than working animals.   When the humans could no longer serve them, they fed on their energy until the humans’ lives gave way.   They believed that humans were created to serve them and only to serve them as they were mammals of limited intelligence.

However, the Elven King, Orodreth Inglorion,  realised that the human race was different from all the other mammals.  They protected their family from danger and grieved for those that they lost.  They created fire from nothing whereas the elves never even thought of how  fire came about since everything could be magically generated.  He was fascinated with the humans range of emotions and creativity.  They did not behave like any wild beasts.  They seem to be able to utilise their cognitive power to their advantage.  Therefore, what rights did the elves have to enslave these beings with profound intelligence?  King Orodreth became the protector of the humans and punished all those that refused to treat the humans with grace.

Most of the Mori-Feans feared the king but Kshmanar.  Kshmanar’s ambition to rule all elves began to consume his soul and he grasped this opportunity to turn all Mori-Feans against the Elven King as justice must be served.  With a corrupted soul, the Mori-Feans were naturally blood lusty and took oath to serve under Kshmanar.   Never in the Elven history there was a fight this bloody.  Ten of thousands of Elves perished, the Tiri-Feans and the Mori-Feans.  The ever green forest was tinted with a vivid shade of red.  It took one descendant of the Dragon Elve, King Orodreth, one descendant of the Phoenix elve and 10 most powerful elve Mages to banish Kshmanar and the Mori-Feans underground for eternity.

As Kshmanar was falling into the depth of earth, with one last breath he cursed the Inglorion;

“When the day the bloodline of Inglorions can no longer be sustained, I will return!!!”

With that, King Orodreth immediately seeked out the spirit elves of his land, asking them to bestow his family with an indestructible shield resulting in the Inglorions only beget sons and no daughters.  And the  shield sustained for many generations to come until the birth of Inaya Limmerick.


This is the creation of Kareen S. L. and all stories, ideas, names, creations are reserved as copyright solely belonging to Ms. Kareen  S. L.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written permission of Kareen S. L.


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