Internal Battle (Part 2)

By the eighth year away from home, I was changed, according to my parents anyway.  On the contrary, I think I had discovered my true self.  Previously I was leading an idealistic life carefully sculpted by my mother.  Being away from home gave me the opportunity to experience the rough edges of life and to be in an environment completely free of rules.  Nobody was watching over my shoulder, no ‘faces’ to protect, no curfews, just absolute FREEDOM.  I was in Heaven.

Some people believed that a sudden transition from the East to the West may incite culture shock.  What culture shock?  I never did understand the meaning of culture shock until the day I returned to my own country.  Personally, I think culture shock only occurred when someone moved from a developed country to a developing country or the third world.  Moving from a less developed country to a developed country is generally much easier.  Some may think otherwise but this is only my personal evaluation.

I was basking myself in my little world of Freedom so much so  that I did not  even miss my family or my home.  Everyday there was something new to discover or learn.  Everyday I met new people, some of them were incredibly interesting and some of them were just plain normal.  Nonetheless, my curiosity about everything and everyone urged me forward to lead a rather exciting life.  I loved my life.  I loved the friends that I had made.  The thing with studying abroad is, you know, someday… this will all end… then it is time to go home.

I tried to sustain my time in the UK without making it too apparent to my parents.  Always came up with some excuses to stay for another year or two.  After graduation, I told my parents that I wanted to be registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, that bought me another year.  Then I told them it was necessary for me to obtain a Master in Business Administration, another year.  Obviously I was running out of excuses as I did not really want a PhD.  Just not my style.  Any other degrees, they may not agree.  I was really scrapping the bottom of an empty pot relentlessly in order to come up with another excuse.  Meanwhile, I delayed my homecoming with a well-planned 1 1/2 months Europe trip.   I thought I could use this time to scheme.  With that intention in mind, I packed up and went around Europe with my friends.  Well, not quite around.

I was robbed during a night train from Nice to Rome…


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  1. Posted by Jeri on February 18, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    Ok I’ve read your pages- are you happy now 😉


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