Music Sheet

Wow! The searches for Carter Burwell’s music sheets of Bella’s Lullaby are pretty over whelming.  When I first posted it, my intention was to assist a fellow blogger who was searching for Carter Burwell’s score.  Little did I know by posting the music sheets, I had subsequently increased the visitors to my blog!  So, thank you all for visiting my blog and I am glad that I could help.

For your information, I downloaded the music sheets from a kind person from YouTube.  Therefore, I have got no claim over it.  I totally enjoyed playing the music on my piano and I hope all of you did as well 🙂


Quote of the Day

I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.

Jim Morrison

Income Tax

I had finally submitted my income tax declaration for 2008 today. Thought might as well since next week will be the last week of submission. No point being penalised right? 😉

The system is definitely flawed but it would be great if they could send a reminder through email to those who had opted for e-filing. I mean, it is easy for those who are not technology savvy as they will receive their BE forms through snail mail. That, in a way acted as a reminder for them to submit their tax declaration.

But what about people like me? Who actually chose e-filing since it is a gazillion times more convenient, easier and zero time being consumed (you know, the usual rush, traffic and queuing at the LHDN department). We don’t get any reminder, AT ALL!! I suppose they did publish in the newspapers but do all tax payers read their newspapers religiously everyday? I think not. Well, I know I don’t. Yes, maybe I should but I would rather not. News depressed me.

I just think since most tax payers who chose e-filing will most definitely own an e-mail address, why can’t they just set an annual mass email reminders to all e-filing tax payers? At least this way, we will definitely know and could avoid penalties. If only… *sigh*

Car Problem

My car died on me today. The only possibility that I could think of is battery failure. The problem is, I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I had replaced my car battery!

Anyway, the mechanic came, insert the key into the ignition, turned it and guess what happened… the bloody car started!!! I was stuck for an hour for nothing!!!

Busy Day at Work

I just remembered… I am suppose to write something everyday. Kind a hectic at work today trying to create a list of company policies that will annoy the hell out of the employees.

To be fair to ALL managements, if it was not because of the few rotten apples in a company, policies are not even required! Sometimes employees tend to abuse and misuse certain privileges given to them. What can the management do in order to avoid such circumstances from repeating themselves? Company policies!

If a company was extremely strict with their employees, don’t blame the management, blame that few rotten apples that shit stirred.

Cello Trouble

Attended a local Symphony Orchestra on Saturday. The standard was of course incomparable to the international philharmonic orchestra. However, their effort was commendable and Mark Eager as their invited conductor was very educational indeed. I loved the way he presented each piece with a mini recount of the pieces historical background. He also pointed out that Pachebel’s Canon in D major consisted of 28 bars of repetitive melody played by the cello! I did try to count but gave up after about 2 minutes.

The next day I decided to practice my cello, who knows, one day I may be required to play the 28 repetitive bars 😉 I first noticed something was wrong with my cello when the fifth note on my G major scale sounded like a sudden drop on an ascending hill. I then proceeded to my D string and realised that my A string was loose! I tried to tighten the A string but even before it reached its appropriate tension, it snapped! I was horrified! My first snap. I am sure to a seasoned cellist, this is a common occurrence. To me, I just can’t stop wondering did I not handle it with enough care?

Twitter Mobile Updates

Actually, I was wrong, even a primitive mobile phone can be used to update Twitter! I am beginning to understand the basis of Twittermania. With Facebook, a proper internet service is required in order for you to update with your mobile phone. On the other hand, updating Twitter only requires you to SMS! Of course, the standard text message rate of individual country will be charged. In my case, unfortunately, I have to send it to a UK number. Regardless, it is still such an easy way to update 🙂