Images of the Past

It is 7:30pm and I am most definitely running late.  After years of planning and delegation, I am finally free to live in a country of my preference.  Life has not exactly been cruel to me, in fact, I should be grateful and contented but I just can’t shake the feeling of unfulfillment.  No matter, I am on my way to meet my first born now and I take comfort in his success as a musical director.  At least he built a career out of his passion and I was there for him all the way.  Then again, I was born in an entirely different generation.

The vibrant and lively summer has just started to give way to the lurking sepia autumn.  Somehow, I don’t feel quite at ease.  Autumn has always been my favourite season.  Perhaps I am rather morbid in nature but it was during an autumn that I met the love of my life.  It was a furious, passionate short lived relationship that only lasted for about 5 months.  Just before the birds started to chirp and the tulips coloured the gardens, I found myself driving home alone in a treacherous storm.  Perhaps there is a reason why I am not too fond of Spring.

This is a strange night indeed, as I was walking towards the restaurant, it started to drizzle.  Fortunately I’ve always kept a retractable umbrella in my bag.  When the restaurant came into view, I felt the most nostalgic tremors down my spine.  Of course, why would I be surprised at all, he is a musical director after all and the restaurant that he chose will most definitely be the regular hangout for people from the media industry.  I checked my watch and realised that it is 7:45pm now.  Damn, a trip down the memory lane had taken so much of my time.  I quickened my steps and the rain starts to pour.  It seems like the wind does not want to be left behind as well.  By the time I arrived at the front entrance of the restaurant,  I was struggling to retract my umbrella and walked straight into someone.  My stupid umbrella finally retracted and I looked at the person that I had bumped into getting ready to apologise.  I don’t know in reality how much time had passed but it felt like a century to me and everything seems to slow in motion.  As I lifted my head, I was staring straight into those familiar beautiful green eyes of the love of my life.  I hope I did not gap as that would be really embarassing for me.  He held the door open and said, ‘ After you ma’am.’

I think I kind a murmured something like ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ or maybe both.  I entered the restaurant in haste and tried to locate my son.  He doesn’t seem to recognise me.  Have I aged so horribly that he can’t even recognise me?  But I have always take pride in maintaining my physical outlook naturally.  I may be in my 50s but I am pretty sure that I don’t look a day past 42.  I finally found my son and settle down opposite him.

To be continued….


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