About Me

I am just an insignificant lost soul who enjoys troubling the universe with my little insignificant world.  Of course, I do have a day job as well.  In fact, it is not just any day job but a professional day job  with an enormous responsibility as its topper. But to me, life is not just about working your ass off and showering yourself with luxury gifts.  These actions do not provide me with the soulful thirst that I craved for every so often.

And so, here I am, stubbornly searching for the reasons of my very existence.  Surely this cannot be it.  As much as I am certain with my career path, somehow, I needed more.  I needed not only to exist but to exist with a purpose.  To ensure that my very existence is not just a by-product of a society that routinely living a mundane life.

For that, I truly believed that writing is one of my salvation.  Music is my other.  We are alive!  Isn’t it a necessity for us to live a life.  Not only to exist because we are breathing with a regular heart beat but to LIVE.  To live with a soul.  Life without a soul is just as meaningless as a candle  without its wick.  Useless.

Somehow, this little action of documenting my life provides me with a purpose.  When there are things to be documented, I suppose I am living a life.  A life that may not be perfect but at least not without a soul.


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