Glee – An Inspiration

It is never too late

Alright, I am not exactly Glee age or a Gleek but I do enjoy the series tremendously.  Perhaps some will frown at my choice but life is short and I shouldn’t care about what others think.  Besides, we are all naturally young at heart and if we  were not required to deteriorate biologically, we will be partying till the world ends.  Recently I have been reading books written in the perspective of a dying person.  Even in their darkest moments, they still wish they could do the things they did when they were young.  Unfortunately human lives are limited, we will all grow old inadvertently, there is no escape.  At the most, we are blessed with 3 decades of strong bones after adolescent and everything starts to descend after that.  Our organs, stamina, metabolism, memory except our need to remain young.

Glee does not only inspire the misfits but also channel the message, ‘It is never too late.’  At least that was the effect it had on me.  After every single episode, I feel inspired to pursue for the things that I have always wanted.  Things that I have long buried away due to the natural course of life.

When we were young, we had incredible imaginations, the world is a beautiful place, relationships are irresistibly romantic.  As we grew older, we became more cynical and practical, for life neccesitate survival over indulgence.  I am deeply saddened by this fact of life when I, too, had fallen into this dark hole of practicality.  No doubt, survival is vital but that does not mean we should forego everything else that used to make our lives exciting and worth living for.  Things that gave life to us.

No matter how old we are, I believed it is never too late.  Hell, if I could only bungy jump at the age of 80 so be it.  I mean after 80 years of life, I would like to pass feeling accomplished and if bungy killed me, at least I will have a smile on my face.

Go out, smell your childhood, pick up a hobby you have always wanted to but keep procrastinating due to time limitation.  No more excuses, make time, treat yourself a little better, be a responsible adult with a life worth living!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeri on August 22, 2011 at 1:16 am

    I am extremely excited at the prospect of you bungee jumping at 80 …. As long as I don’t have to jump with you ! But I will happily be the 78 year old who takes the photo of her crazy 80 year old BFF dangling off a bridge 😉


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